How to Upgrade Your Life

We all have thermostat setting that is our comfort zone and it puts a limit on our ability to reach new heights in our health, wealth, attitude and success.

The fact is most lottery winners end up back where they began after a few years and most dieters who lose weight quickly end up back in their original weight or even heavier. Why is lasting change so difficult and rare?

“So much in life depends on our attitude. The way we choose to see things and respond to others makes all the difference.” -Thomas S. Monson

Until our perspective changes we are trapped by our limited view and our understanding of a given subject whether it be money, relationships or healthy living. If you want to make lasting change may I recommend 3 steps to change with some potent power!

Learn on Purpose

All day every day we are learning, but what are we learning and does it serve us? The fact is what we listen to, read, watch and surround ourselves with greatly impacts our thoughts which in turn lead to our actions which repeated over time turn into habits and ultimately shape our attitude.

Control your input and control your life! Only allow things that will grow you and push you past your comfort zone flood your mind and spark new habits that will change your life for the better.

Surround Yourself with A Game Players

The quickest way to upgrade your life is to hang with folks that are better than you and let positive peer pressure do it’s thing! When everyone around you is choosing the healthier item on the menu or investing wisely instead of consuming relentlessly it has a profound impact on your brain and what you think is “normal”. Be sure to avoid normalizing thoughts, language and behaviors that will only harm your future self.

Create a Game Plan

Now that you are controlling your input and surrounding yourself with the right folks it’s time to create a gameplan that includes goals, habits, books to read, courses to take and anything else that will get you to cross the bridge from your current comfort level to the rare air of the levels above you. If you systematically keep pushing that comfort zone it wont be long until you cannot remember why you ever struggled to beat that level and upgrade your life!