How would shedding unnecessary weight from your life make it better?

We all need to get more done to be happy, or do we?

Live with Ease

“It’s not how much we have, but how much we enjoy that makes happiness.” – Charles Spurgeon

If we did without half the things we have going on right now would we lose half the value of living? Think about how much time we have saved ourselves with the thousands of modern inventions we have and ask yourself are you bored out of your mind now that you don’t have to spend an hour churning butter?

Simplify & Thrive

Start today to simplify and rid your life of excess and distraction by taking the following three steps:

Delete 3 Apps

We all know we spend too much time on our smartphones and we are not any smarter because of it. Delete 3 apps right now that are not serving your life’s purpose and move on with your life. Don’t over think it, you can always re-install them later if needed.

Cancel 3 Subscriptions

Save money and time by eliminating 3 subscriptions that you don’t really use or use too much and it is keeping you from more important things. Then take the money you were wasting on those services and put them toward books that will grow your mind or an investment account that will grow your future savings!

Break 3 Bad Habits

What are you eating or drinking that if you subtracted would add energy and vitality to your life? What shows are you watching or feeds you are scrolling that leave you feeling blah when you are finished? Break the habit, eliminate the stress and embrace a more simpler and fresh lifestyle that has room for relationships and experiences!